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An Amazing Fence & Deck Cleaning Service In St. Charles County, MO

Impress your neighbors with sparkling clean fences and decks, courtesy of STL Curb Appeal LLC in St. Peters, Missouri. We apply certified chemicals using a low-pressure deck and fence washing method. The chemical is safe for yards, pets, people, and plants. If you're in need of some freshening up, contact us for a no-pressure, affordable deck or fence cleaning estimate.

A dependable deck cleaning service in St. Charles County, MO

Stripping & Cleaning Wood

Have your wooden structures lost their warm look? Nobody likes a discolored looking fence or deck in their neighborhood! Fortunately, with our low-pressure washing method, deck cleaning and fence washing are a piece of cake! All you have to do is remove the surface of older wood to expose a fresh layer beneath. Our fence and deck cleaning service in St. Charles County, MO, will do more than add years to your fence--they will save you valuable time and money in the long run.

How the Process Works

Leave your wooden deck or fence looking fresh and rejuvenated with our power washing deck and fence process. We properly soak the wood with our stripper, before washing, neutralizing, and brightening it. Then we rinse the wood off with water and recommend an exterior wood oil stain to preserve this new layer of wood. This will prolong the wood's life and protect it. With your fence or deck clean after our professional wash, it is time to fix or replace any damaged wood. Then, you will have a nice clean fence (stained to the color you enjoy) that is protected and ready for whatever the season brings.